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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

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•To win love  •Cause hatred between lovers for love  •Always have money  •Good health spell  •Reinforcing of a person space  •Over coming your shadows  •Healing depression  •Purifying emotions  •Clear evil intent  •Enhance confidence  •Clarify a relationship  •Focuses your lover's interest •Bring romantic love to you  •Clear the air between lovers  •Create opportunities for love •Friendship  •Draw new love  •For a lover to come to you  •Archive your hears desire  •Forget about an ex-lover  •Have a person think of you  •Have a lover return  •Strengthen attraction between 2 people 

*Solving family issues and fighting's

*Solutions to love and marriage

*Career guidance

*Solutions to prosperity •Stop arguments 

*Stop and win court cases

*Marriage and divorce issues •Win the heart of a loved one  •Find new love  •Rekindle your lovers interest  •Resolve a love triangle  •Ease a broken heart  •Attracting extra money  •Gambling spell  •Money doubling spell •Money spell 

*Quick pension claim

*Win tenders

*Quick property sale

*Powerful business spells •Prosperity spell

*Powerful spells for Politicians

*Extra powers for spiritual healers

*Job and work spells

*Pass job interviews

*Pass school exams •Remove misfortune  •Silver money spell  •Banish your debits  •Attract a wealthy male  •Attract a wealthy female  •Draw money towards you  •Resolving unfair treatment  •Find the truth  •Good fortune in business  •Legal success  •Reversing negativity or hex  •Stop gossip •Luck in business  •Achieving a wish  •Protection 

*Quit drugs and smoking

*Pregnancy problems •Keep a child safe  •Protection for a child  •Make bad luck go away  •Pet protection  •Brake a curse 

*Family and property inheritance spells

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