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 long-distance clients nationwide and all over the world are welcome for powerful online spells casting and healing.

I use my powerful ancestral spirits to retrieve the lost portion of the soul. my spirits travel to the appropriate Inner Worlds and barter, negotiate, deal with the possessing entities to retrieve the soul. They will travel deep into the inner worlds with the intention of retrieving that soul portion that is missing. Usually, the ally knows right where it is and who is holding it.

With over 25 years of Specialty Powerful Voodoo Spells, I can help you achieve a happier love life, Reunite Soul mates, Reach Business goals and much more! Customized and tailored specifically to your situation!



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My ability to sense and communicate with the Spirits came to me all at once in 2005. I had a brief, dramatic, experience that left me very sensitive to the Spiritual world. Starting from a place of not knowing about spirit communication and honestly, not believing it to be possible, was a huge upheaval for me. I suffered a nervous breakdown a month later. Through a series of events that I feel were too serendipitous to be classified as coincidence, I soon found myself in Zanzibar Island at the front sea of the Indian ocean.

My primary goal in making that long trip across the ocean was to learn how to turn it off and get my life back. Instead, my eyes were opened to appreciate the unique, powerful, and deeply healing gift I had received. It was the beginning of a complete life change. The more I used my ability, I found the balance and normal life I was in desperate need of. I've never had to work to tune in to the communication, it's always been an issue of learning to live productively with it. Being a medium is not a profession so much as it is a life of service. This is a very natural and undeniable ability. I wasn't seeking it; the gift arrived disguised as turmoil and I chose to make it into something wonderful.

Years and thousands of connections later, I can look back with gratitude and humility at what was one of the most difficult times of my life.  My experiences have led me to create an existence that is personally and professionally fulfilling. I get to travel often and "see" life from the perspectives of the physical plane and that of the living Spirit. The deceased have so much knowledge to share about what creates a happy, successful life and it's an honor to share their messages. It is a very humbling work, and I feel like I am living at my fullest now.

Black magic is a supernatural power; I use a magic spell for removing negative energies surrounding human beings. Adam the Black Magic and voodoo spells specialist,  heal people by bringing positive vibes in their life along with providing solutions to all kinds of life problems.

     I use voodoo and black magic powers to fight demons and supervillains. I have powers to tackle your most pressing problems, be it physical or spiritual.
I have skills in Metaphysical healing, psychic skills, divining and foretelling through ancestors and forefathers. I am a skilled diviner and healer within the traditional and native setting.


My abilities or power are based on the fact that I am connected or an incarnation of an ancestral spirit or guide and being a manifestation of an inherited spirit allows me to thus have a direct line with the universe and open to all channels of communication.*


As a human or earthly being this fragile connection to the spiritual world offers me a limitless stream of information and the ability to tap into the ethereal source. Once I have been linked with their particular ancestor I am then able to communicate with the deceased, angels, guides and spirits, receiving messages from the ancestors and universe directly. The spiritual exchange is often directly related to past life experiences, soul connected incidences and psychic phenomenon.*


Perhaps it's your time to let the spirits of the metaphysical world try and help you enjoy the life filled with love and happiness.*

Voodoo spells casting to fix a particular problem in your life. Channel healing energy into spells using voodoo spells casting by traditional & spiritual healer Dr. Adam

Fix your marriage problems with voodoo marriage spells. Get back with an ex-lover using voodoo lost love spells.



Open up your heart to an expert healer. All your problems will be dealt with confidentially with an expert touch. As a Healer, I understand your problems with compassion, love, softness and the heart of an expert.*

Breakup spells to end a relationship or marriage. Powerful divorce spells to cause or stop a divorce. Voodoo breakup spells to prevent a breakup or divorce by influencing the levels of intimacy, love and desire in a relationship

Relationship Problems

Millions of couples experience emotional anguish or grief, typically caused by the loss or absence of someone loved and difficult times throughout the course of a relationship or marriage. The Love Spell to Remove Problems will remove emotional hardship and barriers such as jealousy, doubt, and deception between the partners.  

Reconnecting to the people you love and miss in Spirit is a beautiful part of the healing process when you have experienced loss related to the death of a loved one. Adams uses her ability to communicate directly with these Souls, bringing forth evidence that proves they are still aware of your life, connected and shares their loving messages. Sometimes it takes more than just “knowing they are in a better place” to start living fully again, and an evidential medium-ship session can give you the peace you need to carry on. 

       What Adams offers:

  • High Priority Sessions

  • Regular Sessions

High Priority sessions are for those in deep, urgent need of a connection. We define "High Priority" as a bereaved person that has very little knowledge of the afterlife and has not experienced a successful mediumship connection. We will do our utmost to provide you with a session within a few days. This appointment includes a very thorough explanation of how Spirit communication works, as well as the connection to loved ones,  passed. Adams believes very strongly that empowering individuals by teaching them how to recognize the connection is just as vital to the healing process as receiving validation through a medium. 

Adams specializes in taking extra care to assist and comfort young children who have lost a sibling or parent. They are very welcome to participate in a family session. The recommended age is 7 years old and up. These appointments need to be in person or via Skype/online and video calling via Whatsapp. A connection can affect a grieving child in a positive way as they face life without the physical presence of someone they love.

All sessions are private and confidential. Please call our office if you do not receive a reply to your session request within 24 hours. 

Spells to break up a couple

Break Up Spells that fix what is broken in your life. 

Many times you need to break up your ex-lover from their new relationship before you can return them.  This Love Spell is the casting you need for this situation.


Break them up and get back your lover.

Break Up Spells and "Separation Spell Energies" are required if your Ex Lover is With a New Person.  Basic "Return My Lover" Spells will not work well if your Ex Love is within a new relationship.  The reason is "Break Up Spell Energies" are required to separate your Ex Love from their current relationship before the "Return My Ex-lover Love Spell Energy is released. 


If your partner has deserted your love for another person, the "break up and return to me energies" in this spell is what you need most.  We know this painful feeling of betrayal hits very hard. We understand how you feel and this really helps with the castings. Spell energy sends negative energy to your ex-lovers' current relationship and floods his or her mind with positive thoughts of you. 

I am a spell caster, I consult for love, restoring lost relationships, and I help my clients commit, prepare, and maintain their marriage. I cast spells that are strong and powerful; each individual is very important to me and the success of the spell makes me proud of my work.


I offer love spells, commitment spells, proposal spells, and commitment in marriage spells that can bring about desired change in many lives. When it comes to matters of the heart, whether you need to get a lover back, you want a person you love to fall in love with you, you want to find love, or you need to rekindle the love in your existing relationship, then I can help you! Spellcasting has its roots in ancient cultures and times. 


Today spell casting is often considered similar to prayer and meditation, channeling positive energy to help achieve a goal. Using the power of positive thinking is helpful in many different situations. The love spell with the best results, I am here to help you achieve it. Do not be afraid or wonder any-more; I provide confidential and discreet service.

Powerful legal court case spells

Powerful legal spells to sway the court outcome in your favor. My legal spells can help you win any legal matter, I deal with civil and criminal cases using my powerful legal spells. Have you been wronged but you are not sure you will win in a court case to get the compensation that you demand’s the prospect of a conviction or a ruling in your favor slim, get in touch with me for powerful legal spells that will entangle your legal problems. My powerful legal spells can help you stay out of jail if you have a legal spell that might lead to your incarceration. My Get out of jail spells can also help you or someone who is imprisoned get out of jail using the justice system.

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Please kindly note that there will be a fee involved for buying materials to use and services offered."I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you." 

​"Please disregard this notice if payment has already been made."

Powerful break up spells to break up a couple and get back your lost lover